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Athlete Warrior Challenge

January 24-26, 2020


Featuring competitors from around the country, the ATHLETE WARRIOR CHALLENGE is one of the PREMIERE events in Region 5.  Athlete Warrior Challenge celebrates the HARD WORK and DEDICATION it takes to become a successful competitive gymnast. Our SPACIOUS venue provides room for 3 competition gyms. The raised seating enables UNOBSTRUCTED VIEWING of both Men and Women's competition.

The Athlete Warrior Challenge is open to COMPETITIVE levels 3 - 10 & Xcel.  Additionally, we also feature a non-sanctioned FUN MEET for the lower levels.  We have created a UNIQUE  form of recognition for our competitors. Each Athlete Warrior receives a BELT signifying, by color, how many YEARS they've competed in our event.

The competitor's ACHIEVEMENT medals can be pinned to their belt.

For More Information:

Olympia Gymnastics & OGBC


Macomb Community College Sports & Expo Center 
14500 E 12 Mile Rd 
Warren, MI 48088